Timeshares Vs. Hotels

Interested in comparing timeshares vs. hotels?

Just A Few Reasons Virginia Beach Timeshare Rentals Are Far Superior To A Hotel Room:

  • Need directions or help with show tickets? Hotels have desk clerks that hardly speak English; many only know about places they have been to.  Most timeshares have a concierge who is an expert on area attractions, directions, and on how to get good seats and unpublished discounts.
  • Ever want to do something without leaving the hotel? Hotels provide tiny pools and nothing else to do; timeshares have activity directors that plan and host many activities throughout the week, suitable for all ages; such as making tie-dyed shirts, painting picture frames, beach volleyball, corn hole around the pool, movie night, guest socials, exercise classes in the pool, organized walks, trips to local attractions, etc.  Timeshares have game rooms with arcade games, Xbox, WII, PlayStation  and other activities.  Timeshares have board games you can check out and take to your room.  Timeshares have pools, hot tubs, gyms, and some have additional sports ON PREMISE (for instance Beach Quarters, one resort at which I have units available, has a rooftop tennis court and shuffleboard – free to borrow equipment).
  • Ever want to eat in?  Cook a light midnight snack?  Cook breakfast to save some $$ ?  Mix up a drink? Hotels have a tiny fridge, a tiny microwave, and a table for two at the most and that’s it! Timeshares have dining tables with plenty of seating, full size refrigerators, real microwaves, 2-4 stove top burners, sinks, dishwashers, toasters, blenders, all the utensils you need to cook full meals with, pots, pans, dishes, drinking glasses, silverware for at least 4 (and in some cases 8), some have ovens, baking racks (if oven provided), you get the idea.







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  • Ever feel cramped in a square room, sitting on the bed because that’s the only comfortable place to sit if you want to watch TV? Then you are probably in a hotel room.  Timeshares have separate living rooms, two or three flat screen Televisions, DVD players, and couches.  Most have balconies, usually with an awesome view.


  • Ever pay for parking?  Most hotels charge for it, as much as $20/day.  Timeshares have free parking, connected to the building.  Several resorts I have units available at have free connected covered parking, so your car does not bake and you are not exposed to rain.
  • Ever been away and want do a load of wash?  How about drying all the beach towels and swimsuits instead of hanging them all over the room?  Ever want to pack half a week’s worth of clothes instead of a full week?  Good luck finding a dependable washer/dryer at a hotel.  Timeshares have washers and dryers on every other floor.  At some (for instance Ocean Key Resort), they are free to use! 
  • Ever been afraid of maids peeping around in your room every single day, realizing full well that these are minimum wage barely documented (hopefully) people hovering around your expensive gadgets full of personal information?  Yep, hotel again.  Do you really need fresh bedsheets and towels EVERY DAY ??  Timeshares only utilize maid service at most once a week, in the middle of the week.  If you want more, you have the option of selecting how many days and which days, and pay for only the extra service you feel you need.  Almost all timeshare resorts have a FREE towel/linen exchange during the day, so you can refresh only the supplies YOU CHOOSE, without wondering who is doing what in your room while you are trying to relax on the beach.

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