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Examples Of Recent Customer Feedback – In Response To My Follow-Up Survey:

These are all actual responses, verbatim when in quotes.  These customers all rented Virginia Beach timeshares from Mister Timeshare, LLC; and responded to a “Customer Feedback” follow-up survey.  No discounts or benefits of any kind were offered, and the survey asked for any feedback the customer had. The only alteration to the response is I omitted their names for privacy, and reduced some responses for brevity.

K.P., rented at Ocean Sands, Thank you so much for the lovely week !”

L.S., rented at Barclay Towers, “We had a wonderful time, Everything was like I hoped, and the price was great. The hotel was in a superb location…loved the view and oceanfront. The kitchenette was very nice, and convenient because we made meals in our room most of the time. The staff was wonderful and very nice. I would definitely rent from you again, and I have and will mention you to my clients and friends. Thank you for a great vacation.”

O.M., rented at Ocean Sands, “This was my first trip to Virginia Beach. We had a great time. The unit was very good. The view from the balcony was great!”

C.N., rented at Ocean Key, “Martin, we did enjoy our stay and luckily the weather was fantastic! Check in was smooth and simple and we were pleased with the overall accommodations, very roomy for two people and we had a great view of the ocean from room 720…You made this transaction easy and we were very pleased with how everything was handled from the communication to the contractual aspects! Thanks so much for an enjoyable vacation!!”

M.T., rented at Ocean Key, “Martin, the bedroom was spacious and quiet and the bed was very comfortable.  The resort was nice – both the staff and fellow guests were very pleasant and friendly.  The pool was great!  And the location of the resort was the best part!  We enjoyed being at the quieter end of the beach. Our transaction was done very well and seamlessly.  I enjoyed your mailing prior to our trip and the information was very useful.  I also liked that you were responsive to my inquiries.  Thank you for everything!  We may want to rent from you in the future. All my best, M****.”

C.R., rented at Ocean Key, “Mr. Albert, We had a wonderful time in Virginia Beach last week.  The room was as promised and very conveniently located.  You were very helpful throughout the process of renting and we really appreciate your time.  We would definitely want to go back next year!”

N.R., rented at Atrium, “We liked the resort and in fact whenever we go to Virginia Beach we plan on staying at that same Resort and hopefully you can help us with that next time. thank you.”

P.A., rented at Ocean Sands, “Mr.Timeshare, we had a great week and the weather was perfect. I have a sister that  comes down to see our brother and I mentioned your place for the future. Thanks again, P*** and L**** A*****”

W.H., rented at Ocean Sands, “Mr. Albert: We just wanted you to know that our week at VB was awesome and are wanting to reserve room 313 again for next year. Please let me know what you need to do so.”

R.K., rented at Ocean Beach Club, “Hi Martin, Had a great week! Everyone had a great time. One of the best units and resorts we’ve stayed in at the Beach. Transaction process was easy and accommodating. Thanks again! R*****”

J.K., rented at Beach Quarters, “Hi Martin,We had a great time. Everything worked out great. The resort was nice and the people there were wonderful. We do plan on returning next summer, not sure of the date, thinking the 1st half of August. What do you have available in a 1 or 2 bedroom? Thank you again!” J***

C.B., rented at Ocean Key, “Thanks so much we had a wonderful time. Will be in contact for next year. Again thanks so much.”

T.B., rented at Ocean Key, Everything was great! We had a good week, Ocean Keys was very clean, and location was great as well. Not sure what we are doing next year, but we will certainly consider VA Beach again. I gave my neighbor some of information you sent me along with your card, hopefully she will contact you as well. Martin it has been a pleasure dealing with you! Thanks,T***”

R.T., rented at Beach Quarters, “Hi Martin, yes it was very nice. great weather and was a pleasure to work with you. Will keep your info for sure. Best, R***”

K.H., rented at Ocean Key, Martin, Thanks so much! I really appreciated the hospitality pack and all the information.

N.F., rented at Atrium, “Martin, our visit to the Atrium was very good. Everything was very satisfactory. We would definitely stay again, and refer to others. Best Regards, N***

P.A., rented at Ocean Sands, “Dear Martin thank you for all your help.  I can tell you are a hands on guy. We would like to lock in that period for next year. We were happy with what we had and would love to come back.”

J.H., rented at Beach Quarters, “Thank you for the tidbits AND the coupon books you sent in the mail.  It is a pleasure doing business with you.  We enjoyed our time at Beach Quarters and I will definitely keep you in mind for the future.  In fact, we may be interested in the same unit next year, but I have to learn about the 2015 school year schedule first.  Also, I gave someone else your website address.  Thanks again, J*******”.

V.G., rented at Ocean Beach Club, “The condo was perfect and the resort is amazing….this was my first stay. Thanks for sending the coupon books in the mail. They were useful.”

K.P., rented at Barclay Towers, Regarding the unit, I, my wife and kids were very satisfied and the kitchen was very useful throughout our stay. Room service was very prompt.  Only problem that we had was WiFi, working sporadically only from the bedroom and it was not working at all on the living room….We really enjoyed our stay and would like to come back again. If we plan our next vacation at Virginia beach, our first choice of stay would be your place. Thank you for proper coordination/service. Regards, K***** “.

D.L., rented at Beach Quarters, “Just made it back home…we enjoyed the stay and will go back…we did have a good time and thank you, D*** “.

K.R., rented at Ocean Key, “We love this Place!  Martin, thank you for the tidbits :)…I really appreciate all of your help! I look forward to working with you in the future. I am still spreading the word! Have a great evening!  K**** “.

T.G., rented at Beach Quarters, “we had great time! Will keep in touch look forward to our next vacation partnership.  T***” .  And he included this picture of his family at the beach showing their appreciation (faces purposely obscured):

Customer Love For Mister Timshare

Customer Love For Mister Timeshare








A.S., rented at The Atrium Resort, “We just checked out, thanks for all your help and patience! We had a great graduation party, our teens loved it! Thanks again.”

S.A., rented at Ocean Key, “We had a fabulous time! Thanks again for the smooth transaction.  Very clean accommodations and friendly staff…3rd level has a very nice outdoor lounge…location is ideal…quieter end of boardwalk but just a few steps from beach.  The 1 BDRM is a little tight for 4 (I had myself and 3 teens) but doable. Mr. Timeshare was great to work with and very reputable!!”  Good luck!! We’ll keep you in mind as my son is stationed in Norfolk thru 2017!”

T.M., rented at The Atrium Resort, “We all had a blast, resort and rooms were very nice.  Thank you again for the great deal!”

J.S., rented at Beach Quarters, “THANK YOU, Martin….we had a great vacation and the weather was perfect. I will most definitely rent Virginia Beach timeshares again from you – hopefully, I can make contact sooner in the season to have more choices from your growing selection of timeshares.  I really liked the location of the room on the end and the proximity to the pool.  I look forward to doing business in the future.”

M.S., rented at Ocean Beach Club, “I thought our transaction together was perfect and you were always available to answer questions and advice too even after the contract was set. Couldn’t have been smoother.  Your unit was great and everything you said was right on.  I gave out both your cards to friends that need a place for family and friends to come and told them you were awesome to work with.”

M.M., rented at Ocean Key, Hi Martin, The Ocean Key Resort was a great place to stay.  The room was very nice.  Staff very friendly.  Thank you for giving us a wonderful place to stay on our vacation.  If you could, email us next summer with your list of places.  We would prefer some place further up the street but would definitely stay there again.  Thanks again for the great deal!  If you want me to write anything for your website let me know.  M*****

B.K., rented at Ocean Key, “Martin – thanks for making this a smooth process…We really enjoyed the kitchen and the pool facilities.  Thanks, B***”

D. H., rented at Beach Quarters, “Hi Martin – Just returned to office.  We had a wonderful time.  The villa was fantastic the location, the view like you said, I watched every evening the waves breaking was amazing.  Everyone very friendly and helpful. The restaurants were great so many and great prices –  thank you again I am sure I will want to rent again. D**** ”

S.H., rented at Beach Quarters, “Hey Martin, Thanks for the follow up and the offer for the discount next year. The room was great. Let me know the other locations you have.”

Virginia Beach Playgrounds.

One of three playgrounds on the sand between 2nd and 34th streets.

J. W., rented at Ocean Key,”it is perfect. We did in fact receive the package on friday and it was very useful to look at during the drive. I appreciate everything once again. Hopefully we can rent from you in the future being we are here every year!!”

J. L., rented at Ocean Key, “Thanks for renting the va beach condo to us. We absolutely loved it! We do have some friends that have interest but they asked me to ask you if you do partial weeks as they are looking for several day getaways.   Will definitely reach out to you if we head out that way next year.  Thanks again and best of luck with the units!”

M. R., rented at Ocean Key, “Thanks for all the coupon books you sent we used quite a bit of them. The kids had a great time they loved the water park. All around it was a great trip. I would in the future like to rent another timeshare from you maybe a different resort. I’ll definitely save your info for the future. Thanks again, M*******.” Virginia Beach Resorts S.M., rented at Ocean Key, “Hi Martin, Our vacation went very well and we were really surprised at the changes made to Ocean Key.  When we stayed there 5 years ago we were disappointed and this time pleasantly shocked at how nice and clean the rooms were.  Thank You for allowing to use your timeshare so we could spend some time off from the wear and tear of eveyday life. Thanks again,  S***” Virginia Beach timeshare rental

T. T., rented at Atrium Resort,”Dear Mr Albert, My kids and I would like to thank you for the accommodations, the Atrium’s courtesy, and some much needed r and r.  We really appreciate the package you gave us, and will definitely keep you in mind for future Summer vacation get away.  I appreciate the follow up as well.  God bless, T**.”


These are all actual responses, verbatim when in quotes.  These customers all rented Virginia Beach timeshares from Mister Timeshare, LLC; and responded to a “Customer Feedback” follow-up survey.  No discounts or benefits of any kind were offered, and the survey asked for any feedback the customer had. Virginia Beach Resorts   Customer Feedback Is Awesome

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